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  • ANY SIZE FARM -  Whether you have a small hobby farm, with a few horses, goats or chickens, or even a large menagerie with livestock and a variety of animals or exotics, Comfy Pet can help! We have experience caring for horses, cows, chickens, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, pot belly pigs,  ducks, geese, birds and much more!

  • GETTING STARTED IS EASY -  Our initial consultation is free. We will visit your farm to walk though and discuss detailed plans for your animal care and agree on a fee for feeding (average $75 per daily feeding). Then, you are free to finally plan a vacation. ")

  •  PEACE OF MIND - We are reliable, responsible and available! Just call to get on our schedule. We will feed as planned as well as check fences and gates, and keep you immediately informed of any hazard, risk or injury. Farm visits average 30-60 minutes, and you'll receive real time confirmation while we're there with text photos so you can rest easy, knowing all is well at your farm.