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Dependable Dog Care  
in Downtown Gonzales, Tx

Keeping Your Dogs Healthy and Happy with Social Time and Personal Attention

Comfy Pet Double Paw Promise:

Stress-Free Loving Pet Care Every Time!

  • Are you planning a business trip, vacation or holiday?

  • Do you work long hours, leaving your dog lonely or bored?

Comfy Pet provides a relaxed, warm and loving home environment with a comfortable routine where a dog can be a dog. Dogs enjoy a variety of games and activities and any discipline issues are handled with positive reinforcement or time out if necessary. Basic pet training commands and polite manners are encouraged.

At Comfy Pet we offer unrivaled pet care services. When you hire Comfy Pet, you can be assured that your cuddly critter will be in the loving hands of a responsible sitter in a safe and cozy home — belly rubs and playtime guaranteed with plenty of fresh air and opportunities to socialize with other pets in the area.


Doggy Day Care
= Play Date with Frends!

Pick Up and Delivery Available

Do you need full all day social play and smart games for your high-energy pup? Is your puppy digging up the yard? Barking constantly? Having accidents? Destroying the house? Behavior problems often resolve quickly when dogs get plenty of time to run and play. Positive behavior is reinforced at Comfy Pet through socialization and games with lots of personal attention and love. 

Dog Boarding
Family Style Sleep Overs

Personal Attention

Does your pup stress out or have separation anxiety when you leave? Do you have an anxious dog that needs extra attention on overnight stays away from you? You can rest assured that at Comfy Pet your dogs are treated as part of our family, with personal petting and playtime. We provide lots of supervised indoor and outdoor play for safe and happy pets.

At Comfy Pet we make it easy for you with flexible hours and scheduling, affordable rates and a super convenient location with dependable service you can count on every time.