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Meet Sensitive Romeo <3

Meet Romeo - Our beloved granddog who retired to live with us in Spring, but has since returned home to live with his family. Romeo is a 10 year old mix. He loves rolling in the dirt, barking at squirrels, and lounging around with Lou. <3

Romeo is a gentle soul who loves to be petted and will lean on you when he is wanting affection. When Romeo was a young dog, he was always around children and babies, other dogs and cats. His protective instincts are evident when he is near creatures or people that are small. It is so heartwarming to see Romeo in protective mode around puppies or kittens. Even then, he gently stands guard to make sure that everyone is safe. Romeo is a perfect name for him because he is definitely a lover - Romeo loves his family and kids, loves his extended family, loves his dog family and friends, and is a super happy dog to hang around with. 





We joke all the time about how emotional Romeo is because he definitely vocalizes his concerns when he sees another dog tied up or in trouble. One of the coolests aspects of Romeo's personality is his self-appointed roll of "house monitor." Romeo just can't handle rough play and will always get involved to settle anyone or any dog who just needs to calm down!



At 10 years old, Romeo is a very healthy dog with a great immune system. He has never been sick and has a very regular routine, although he was recently diagnosed with arthritis in his right knee.


Occassionally Romeo will have issues with sensitive skin and sometimes gets a hot spot, which is surely why he loves to roll in soft dusty dirt. 


Romeo's sensitivity has inspired our own Comfy Pet line of all-natural dog spa products to care for his delicate skin. We use our own all natural shampoos and conditioners to soothe Romeo at bath time, and our natural treatments aid and relieve hot spot inflammation within days. Plus we keep all the dogs free of pests like flies and mosquitoes with an all-natural spray that does not irritate sensitive skin. 


It is such a joy to see Romeo with my daughter and her husband and three kids. Romeo has a renewed purpose in life and is like a new dog! 





We love having Romeo around, and are so thankful to have him spending his well-deserved retirement years with us. After a decade of faithful service, watching over our daughter as she grew up, and watching over her children as well, Romeo now spends most of his time lounging with his beloved Lou and playing with his dog family. 



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