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Zena the Crazy Texas Kelpie


Meet Zena. We rescued Zena, who was supposed to be a German Shephard mix, from Montgomery County Animal Shelter. However we soon determined that Zena is actually an Austrailian Kelpie. Zena is a self-motivated worker who is always on task, whether stalking squirrels in the yard or catching frisbee with Dad or making sure we are awake at the crack of dawn.





 Zena was on the $10 adoption list at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter. These are the dogs that have been at the shelter for more than 21 days. From the moment we she got into the van with us, Zena was enthusiastically bonded. Her love and appreciation was obvious in many ways and both my husband and I loved her passionately right back. She could not stop kissing and snuggling with us. We were endeared to her immediately by her loyalty and love.



Of course, we thought she was a shepherd, but several others thought she resembled a blue heeler, and after researching, we are absolutely convinced that Zena is definitely an Austrailian Kelpie in every way. 


For Zena, love means service! She has several "jobs" that she has appointed herself responsible for and she has a great spirit of fun and fairness. Zena really works to get everyone involved in a game. She has a tremendous desire to interact and is also keen (mostly) with other dogs' body language and social ques. Often I will see Zena trying several different games to try to intice a new dog to play with her. She is patient and relentless in her efforts. First choice for Zena is rough play or chase. She will growl playfully and try to instigate a game of chase. If that doesn't work, she'll bring her frisbee or ball to the new dog, and then to me to throw. Next, she'll bring over her rope and try to push it on the new dog's face. If all else fails, Zena will sit and look at the new dog, and look away, inch closer and lay her head near. Zena really works to make every dog her friend. 


We were definitely not prepared for the intensity of life with an Austrailan Kelpie in the family but now wouldn't trade her for the world. 









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