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So, What Do Dogs Do All Day at Doggy Day Care?

So, what do the dogs actually do all day at Comfy Pet's doggy day care? (Besides taking selfies with Cheri ")




Comfy Pet dogs enjoy a loosely structured routine, alternating between active and peaceful times, with plenty of activities, both indoors in our spacious living area, and outside in our large, grassy backyard.


Inside, dogs have lots of comfy couches and recliners, plus plenty of dog beds to hang out on, as well as a large play area for hide-and-seek and play with toys. Individual rooms are available for dogs who need their own space. 


Rain or shine, Comfy Pet dogs love playing in our large yard featuring large trees, gardens, and many play areas. Some outdoor activies at Comfy Pet are teacher-directed, and may include games like fetch, frisbee, or agility practice. Lots of time is planned for free play and friendships! Dog favorite activities are chase, tug-o-war, rolling in the grass and watching for squirrels. 


Chase can be a very competitive game at Comfy Pet! Some of our dogs are super fast, they know it, and love to show it off! #thisiswhywecantgrowgrass




Watching for squirrels at Comfy Pet is serious work... and everyone helps!






Playtime is important for making lots of best friends! And after a busy fun-filled day of activity, everyone has a favorite spot to relax.


 We always have a great day at Comfy Pet. <3



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