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Safety Plans in Place!

September 9, 2017

At Comfy Pet, it is our sole responsibility to ensure that all the pets in our care are safe first. We use a variety of techniques and resources to benefit the animals in care and to keep all pets safe, healthy and happy.


Some of these tools include personal supervision levels, following a routine, and diligent environment inspections, as well as taking care with scheduling. Dogs appreciate keeping busy and knowing what to expect throughout the day. Some dogs may be separated into appropriate groups, based on size, temperament or energy level. Also, crating or having a substitute sitter may be used if dogs cannot be directly supervised or in case of emergency.


Drills are routinely practiced with all pets in care for fire and hurricane evacuation. Additionally, regular training exercises are played with all dogs in care to enhance basic commands and practice emergency routines, as well as routine leash walking practice and car riding practice.




Continuing education is ongoing to stay current and informed about all aspects of pet care, dog care specifically, for health and safety, behavior and training, and more.


It is our highest priority with all pets in our care to constantly monitor for any warning signs of harmful behavior, and redirect or prevent a potential situation from escalating into a problem. Paying attention to each dog’s mood and behavior are the most important safety tool available for avoiding any unwanted behavior and keeping a busy, happy pack.


We so much appreciate you for trusting us with your pets!


Here is our plan to keep your pet safe, healthy and happy in our care: 




Indoor Safety


Daily Home Sweep and Safety Inspection


Every evening the home floor is inspected for any debris or item which could be damaged or cause harm. Trashes are emptied and lids secured to prevent access. Furniture is covered or protected. Floor is swept to remove all dirt, hair and debris. Water bowls cleaned and refilled.


Individual Crates and Dog Beds


Individual crates are available for each dog in care and provides a security base during their stay, as well as an emergency safe spot if needed. Each crate is used for one dog only. Daily crate is swept clean and bedding is removed and replaced. Loose dog beds are shaken or washed and inspected for damage.


Outdoor Safety


Morning Yard Clean Up and Safety Inspection


Every morning entire yard is inspected for debris, trash, broken toys, big sticks, and any potential choking hazards. Fence and perimeters are inspected for any potential escape hazards, such as loose boards or holes dug. Yard waste is removed, patios swept or hosed, and water bowls cleaned and refilled.


Pest Control


Before entering the outdoor play yard, all dogs are sprayed with all-natural flying insect repellent for their comfort and health. Yard is routinely treated to remove and prevent ants, fleas and other pests.


Heat Safety


Large yard contains lots of sunny grass play areas as well as plenty of shade, and soft sand to roll in. Gardens, treehouse, trellis and patios give dogs lots of places to play and things to do in the yard. Dogs are encouraged to drink lots of water while outside. Wading pool and sprinklers are available for summer comfort, plus, water and mud play are allowed whenever possible!



Health & Sanitation


Germ Protection


Hands are washed frequently, including before and after feeding pets, cleaning messes, or picking up yard waste. Dog food bowls are for individual (not group) use and are washed and sanitized after each meal. Pets are separated at meal times and not allowed to share food. Individual crates, dog beds, and play toys are laundered and/or disinfected after each stay.


Yard waste is removed promptly and at regular intervals throughout the day and properly disposed. Any dog messes are immediately isolated and thoroughly cleaned, followed by disinfectant of the area.

Disease Prevention


All participating dogs are required to have current rabies vaccinations, and are highly encouraged to keep all vaccinations recommended by their veterinarian current. Dogs are not accepted into our facility showing symptoms of parasites or illness. Dogs exhibiting signs of illness while in care will be immediately isolated from the group and cared for individually.


Personal Supervision


Temperament and Behavior Assessment


All dogs are assessed for behavior and temperament issues prior to care. Behavior is assessed and areas of concern are verified by observation during the first days of care. During initial meet with owners, dog’s behavior and any potential concerns are noted. Care is taken to protect the dog from over-stimulation and allow for a self-paced transition into the group.


Daily Routine


At Comfy Pet we follow a loosely structured routine that varies based on the temperament, size and number of pets in care at any given time, as well as the weather and other daily factors. Dogs may be separated into appropriate groups, based on size, temperament or energy level, or to encourage new socialization. Schedule allows for rowdy group times which can vary, and other more consistent times which do not usually vary, such as meal and rest times and potty-breaks.


Our routine promotes a healthy balance throughout the day, alternating high-energy group active time blocks with peaceful time to lounge or play with toys. Most home visits and dog walks are planned outside of dog day care hours; however, if needed, these visits are planned at appropriate and scheduled times during our daily schedule.


Security Levels


When new dogs enter our program, they all begin on the maximum-security level. This level provides the highest level of supervision, and protects the dog from any unexpected situations or new environment jitters. Dogs are offered an immediate safe space with time to integrate into the dog group at their own pace, while being observed for behavior, preferences, and concerns. Each dog is encouraged to progress through a series of supervision levels, as they are observed having learned the skill necessary to earn less supervision and more freedom.  The maximum-security level supports house-breaking with a crate routine to encourage control.


Emergency Preparedness Drills


Emergency Drills


Drills are routinely practiced with all pets in care for fire and hurricane evacuation. Dogs practice loading up quickly in our Comfy Pet van and staying in place while all are secured. Tornado drills are practiced to effectively gather everyone quickly in our safe place, the long hallway.




Training exercises are routinely played with all dogs in care to enhance basic commands and reinforce good manners and safe behavior. Leash walking practice and car riding practice exercises help dogs comply quickly and safely in case of emergency.


Urgent Care Documents in Place


Every pet in care has provided current proof of vaccinations and has been deemed and observed to be healthy and free of aggressive behaviors. Emergency forms signed by owner stay with the pet giving vital permission for emergency medical treatment and urgent contact information. All emergency documents stay ready-to-go along in our emergency bag.


What’s in our bag? Emergency papers for every dog, and basic first aid supplies, water, dog bowls, extra leashes, treats, squeaky toys, dog blankets, cheese sticks, two big towels, sanitizing wipes, disposable gloves, ace bandages, tennis balls, 




Thoughtful Booking


Keeping a small group of friendly dogs, especially dogs who are well-socialized with each other, is our daily mission. We take care to schedule only one new dog to the group at a time, and allow plenty of space for transition. Openings are limited based on size of play space in the home and yard, ability to supervise, and personal space to separate dogs, as well as number of dogs who live in the home. We offer family-style care with limited crating, based on dog’s supervision level. 


Small Group Size with Personal Space


Current openings are for 6 boarded dogs, along with our 2 dogs. Our 2 dogs are secure in our bedroom overnight and crated when no adult sitter is present at the home. We have 2 additional bedrooms, each with space for 3 crates, which allows for separating dogs based on temperament or size, or in case of emergency.


Additionally, the home design features a large play area inside with wide windows overlooking a huge outdoor fenced yard, providing excellent supervision and access for both.


Balanced Activities and Scheduled Time for Visits or Walks


Dogs in care follow a busy daily schedule with alternating high-energy and rest times. For home visits or dog walking away from the home, we have available small blocks of time early in the morning, in the afternoon during our quiet time, and later in the evening. During these brief times, dogs being boarded at home will be supervised by an adult substitute sitter or secured according to security level, or may be allowed to accompany on the visit.




Daily Reports


Good, open and constructive communication between pet sitters and owners is essential and in the dog’s best interest. We will always notify owners of any occurrence that may affect the well-being or overall health or safety of their pets. Sharing information about each dog’s behavior and training progress promotes consistency and helps the dog achieve greater results faster, and live a happier life. 


Text Updates and Photos


What peace of mind it affords to get confirmation when a service is completed! During or following every home visit or walk, owners will receive a text and photo, confirming the condition of the pet and time we were there, as well as any hazards observed.


During our dog day care routine, owners receive two or three photo updates of their dog’s activities throughout the day.






At Comfy Pet, we have your dog's best interest at the heart of all our planning!


Thank you so much for your business!










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