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Dog Power/Spirit Animal

I've always heard that dogs have way of rescuing the people who need them most, and for me that is exactly what happened.



Dogs have always been a big part of my family life, both in childhood and as an adult, and I have always enjoyed having special dog friendships. I usually only ever had one dog at a time in my life, because I'm loyal like that. Actually. I'm loyal like that with people as well, and through my school years and beyond, I usually only had one best friend at a time in my life. Having that one special dog best friendship was so special and meaning to me, and I always devoted lots of time to care and training. 


Over the years, a few beloved pets have died, and I have lamented so hard over each loss. Sometimes in life when you go through an especially bad or painful experience, your emotions become too painful to bear. As a result, I went for years without being able to pet a dog without tearing up, so for a long time I just avoided dogs. For years after, I just avoided dogs and applauded how much freedom we had without a dog. I knew my husband longed deeply for a dog but I would never consider seriously adopting until we had a house with a yard. Even then, I really didn't feel "ready" and didn't even want to talk about it until our jobs changed and we were able to work from home and really have time to spend with a dog. Truthfully, I was still suffering from my dog losses. 


Several twists of fate later, we adopted our lovely Zena, and now have three beautiful rescues in our family and our lives have been absolutely transformed! 



Initially we thought we were adopting a German Shephard mix, but Zena is actually an Australian Kelpie. If we had known at the time just how high-maintenance and energetic she is, we might have been overwhelmed! But too late! My husband and I were both head-over-heels smitten before we even got back to the house with her!  She was so immediately in love and devoted, which was great. Zena loved us so much... but she quickly became crazy with with separation anxiety without us.  Zena was cautious of new people, even nipping sometimes, and nervous around children. She would chew on blankets or pillow corners. Sometimes she would pee in the house. She has learned and grown so much over the past months, and now is our best ambassador, after she gets past her crazy Kelpie usually bad first impression! 


Mostly though Zena just wants to keep everyone in the house on a routine. She would run our schedule if we let her! She is a competitive and athletic dog with boundless energy, great problem-solving skills, and has an innate spirit of fairplay and turn-taking. Zena is quick to show thanks, or make an apology, or comfort a friend. 


We've learned so much about this beautiful dog soul and feel beyond blessed to have her in our lives. Zena made me remember how amazing and important dogs are in our lives, and I love how safe and comforted I feel with dogs in the house. Dogs are not complicated creatures, and with dogs around, I am constantly reminded to keep things simple!











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