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Why only trim dog nails a little at a time?

Why are dogs nails sometimes still so long after trimming? 



As the nail grows out long, so does the kwik, which is very painful if cut! Unless the kwik is clearly visible and short enough, the nail must be trimmed just a little at a time, making the kwik recede gradually.


Almost every day we see nails which have grown out way too long. Some nails get so long that they will curve around and can grow into the pad of the dog's feet, which makes even walking very painful!




lf your dogger's nails are super long, it is so important to start the process of getting trimmed often and regularly! Your fur baby will feel like a puppy again once the nails are short and pain-free! No appointment needed, just drop in any time for a nail trim! 


Comfy Pets have happy, healthy feet! 












If your dog's nails are super long, it is so important  



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